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Year after year, the incidence of cancer in children continues to increase. Amounted to 2-4% of all cancer incidence in humans. The number happened to reach 110 to 130 cases per million children per year. An international report says, 10% of deaths in children due to cancer. In Indonesia, the increase occurred because of lack of understanding of cancer. The proof, most patients came to the hospital after cancer berstadium information.

Cancer in children can occur since the baby is born and can affect almost any organ of the child's body and the various ethnic populations. Unfortunately, the cause of cancer until now not known for sure. However, based on experience and research, cancer in children can result from interaction of various factors, a combination of genetic factors or environmental influences.
In fact, cancer can be cured if their existence is known from an early age. However, the causes of cancer in children is not easy to know at an early stage because of some disease at an early stage cancers rarely cause complaints. Additionally, children usually can not feel any abnormalities due to clinical signs or symptoms of cancer in children are not specific.
Consult a physician

There are some cancers that are common enough in children. Among the first rank is leukemia. Other cancers that are common eye cancer, lymph nodes, kidneys, and brain tumors. To be wary, let's refer to with some common symptoms in children. (See box.)
When you find the symptoms or signs of it, as a first step, consult a physician to determine whether caused by cancer or not. Doctors also usually will do some investigation to determine the diagnosis and disease stage. It may be in the early years of children looked healthy and was several years into the future of cancer disease.

Cancer treatment in children must depend on the type, stage, and completeness of treatment. Everything strived to achieve a cure, not merely extend the life course. Recovery expectations become greater if the cancer could exceed the lifetime of 5 years after the integrated treatment. Even in some types of cancer requires less time than that.

Although until now the cause of the disease are still mysterious and difficult to detect early, parents should not worry too much if there is family history of cancer. Sikapi should be proportional and calm.


1. Leukemia
Leukemia or blood cancer is the cancer most often found in children. Number reaches approximately 30% of all cancers in children. The highest incidence occurs in children aged 3-6 years.
Symptoms that need to be aware of:
* Pale accompanied by sluggish or weak. This condition generally associated with a decreased appetite.
* Fever is not clear why.
* Abnormal bleeding easily visible on the skin.
* The surface of the skin was blue-black or bruises but had not fallen or bumped.
* Pain in the limbs (bones).
* Stomach felt hard or swollen, and swollen lymph nodes.

2. Brain Tumor
Brain tumors of the brain attack. Both malignant and benign tumors will give the same weight problems because the brain is located in the skull cavity of limited extent. The second impact is the same type of tumor, which is damaging and structure of the central nervous system function.
Symptoms to watch out for:
* A headache accompanied by nausea or vomiting, which are sprayed, decreased or distorted vision, and a decrease in consciousness or behavior change.
* The special feature of the baby is big crown stand out.
* There are problems speaking or balance weakened limbs (paralysis) or seizures.

Cancer in the retina of the eye most often found in children aged between 6 months to 2 years.
Symptoms that need to be aware of:
* White patches in the middle of the eye (retina) which seemed to shine when the subject of light (like a cat's eye), disturbed vision or a squint eye and at an advanced stage, prominent eyes.

Lymph node cancer
This disease has the highest incidence rate in children aged 5-7 years.
Symptoms to watch:
* Enlarged and swollen lymph nodes progressive in the neck, armpits, or groin. Generally these symptoms are not accompanied by signs of infection.
* Children become weak, lethargic, and decreased appetite.

Primitive sympathetic nervous cancer can occur in various parts of the body. The most frequently experienced were kidney son gland (adrenal supra-renal). Symptoms caused quite varied depending on the location of tumors and disease. But generally, the symptoms initially hard to identify. Most people come in an advanced stage.
Symptoms that should be aware of:
* Eyelid swollen and blue, protruding eyeballs, or eyelids looked down.
* The emergence of the bump-bump on the head, sudden paralysis, limping due to a broken bone without cause, enlarged and hard stomach.

Kidney Cancer
The most often found in children are Wilms tumor (nefroblastoma). The highest incidence rate at age 3-4 years.
Symptoms that should be aware of:
Early symptoms of kidney cancer difficult to detect. However, usually characterized by bloody urine, discomfort in the stomach, and when it is large enough to be felt most enlarged stomach and hard.

Muscle cancer Lurik (Rabdomiosarkoma)
Cancer originating from striated muscle tissue can occur anywhere. In children usually occur in the head, neck, bladder, prostate, and vagina. Therefore, symptoms depend on the area being attacked. Striated muscle cancer on the eye socket is marked with a prominent eye. In the ear causing pain in the ears that can be accompanied by bleeding. If the striated muscles of the limbs, then swelling.

Bone cancer (Osteosarkoma)
Is one of the many common cancers in children. Usually between 10-20 years of age.
Symptoms that need to be aware of:

* Swelling of progressive bone, accompanied by pain and fever.

* There are also accompanied by the trauma (impact) such as falls that are not clear provocation.


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